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Monday, May 23, 2005

Poor Baby

Spent the morning at the small animal clinic of the veterinary school at the university where I work. It all started when I was on my way to work. A business student and I happened to be walking down the sidewalk together and came upon a pigeon that was shaking, flapping, and rolling around on the concrete. Poor thing looked like it had been hit by a car. My mirror neurons were sparking like crazy.

We wrapped the pigeon in a jacket to calm it and drove at top speed to the clinic, where we were met by a vet who told us that the bird was having a seizure. An animal control officer who happened to be standing nearby told us it was probably poisoned, as it's legal to poison pigeons in Illinois.


Whoever came up with that brilliant idea should hang with the guy in Wisconsin who proposed that bill making it legal to shoot collarless cats. I'd like to propose a bill making it legal to shoot men without mirror neurons.

Anyway, the clinic staff told me they'd call me when they find out what happened to the bird. If they can't help the poor thing, they'll euthanize it humanely.

Now go give your dog or cat a kiss, and if you live in Wisconsin, make sure it's wearing a collar.


Blogger Jonniker said...

Aw, Kris. What a kind thing you did. I'm perplexed and horrified at *anyone* who could harm an animal.

I just smooched the Snapper, sleeping next to me.

11:07 AM, May 23, 2005  
Blogger mireille said...

there IS a special place in hell for people who hurt animals.

11:26 AM, May 23, 2005  

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