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Thursday, April 28, 2005

It takes a very secure man...


Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

And a special woman too...

This has GOT to be the picture of the week! Maybe even the month!

Boy, that man has nice teeth!
Wish my nails were that perfect and manicured!

6:07 PM, April 28, 2005  
Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Do not underestimate the woman behind this blog, photos and thoughts by the way!

6:08 PM, April 28, 2005  
Anonymous A girl called Spike said...

The dog: Mini terrier in prom dress

what he thinks it says: Even the pope's new robes could do with a bit of pink satin and lace.

What it really says: I wish my beloved wife would wear this on our next date! And she really should get a professional manicure the next time her buddy MM invites her to, and not snarl disdainfully at her.

6:30 PM, April 28, 2005  
Blogger mireille said...

I see you've already discovered the secret to blogging success: the ubiquitous DOG feature!!!

8:43 PM, April 28, 2005  

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