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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Just the Three of Us

My daughter is almost 15 months old, and until this picture was taken at a Kentucky Derby party we attended this past weekend, we had in our sizable collection NOT A SINGLE picture of the three of us together. Isn't that crazy? All we had were pictures of her, with the occasional snapshot of one of us with her, taken of course by the other one. But NEVER the three of us at once. Amazing. It makes me think, dang, when she grows up, will she think of herself as the Girl in the Bubble, living all alone with no loving grownups? For some reason I just thought of that Seinfeld episode where Moors is misspelled 'Moops' on the Trivial Pursuit card, and the boy in the bubble wants to strangle George over it. Anyway, it's clear we need to get crack-a-lackin' on the group pics. This omission is just one more verse in the I'm-a-bad-parent litany (sigh). (While I'm confessing: I don't have a baby book. This, and my daughter's blog, is it. Please, blogger, when you are outmoded by some future technology, don't suddenly purge our memories without giving us an option to save them first.)


Blogger Urban Chick said...


i don't have baby books for the chicklets either

my own parents recorded every burp, word and bout of illness for all three of their daughters (plus what we regarded as a very illuminating recount of each birth by my mother)

i've been feeling bad about this because everyone else on the planet seems to have one

but i am relieved to know i am not alone!

4:49 AM, May 10, 2007  
Blogger PFG said...

We had a baby book half filled out. My parents hadn't written the name of which baby it was. So just the one book for three kids. It was kind of like the apple of discord. I claimed it since I wrote early and was able to add my name and information into the book. My brother then added his name (which he consitently wrote as "TONX" at the time) on the inside front cover.
I'm pretty sure it was my sister's though - she was the oldest and there was a reference to "hazel" eyes. She's the only one of us who doesn't have dark brown eyes.

So there's an example of a baby book doing more harm than good. Don't sweat it.

12:10 PM, May 10, 2007  
Blogger violetnoir said...

Oh, please do get to clickin' the three of you together more often because y'all are just downright beautiful!

Hugs and love!

3:50 PM, May 10, 2007  
Blogger Eden said...

I have two chicks and two baby books, both unfilled. Even get told off by the doctor for not keeping their medical records to perfection. So feel good -- at least you've blogged. When Urban Chick comes to see me this weekend I'll make sure I take a group photo of her and hers and she can take one of me and mine -- ok?

5:23 PM, May 10, 2007  
Blogger adamina said...

I'm coming over right now with my camera!!!!

7:19 PM, May 10, 2007  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

What a lovely photo, even with the flowers in the middle.

I am surprised with a family is gorgeous as yours that you do not have life sized posters on your walls of your family. Just kidding....about the life sized posters--not about your family being beautiful.


8:12 AM, May 11, 2007  
Blogger Angela said...

It is just downright rude how attractive you all are. Seriously.

5:38 AM, May 12, 2007  
Blogger WinterWheat said...

Ange, you are too kind. We're over-groomed due to the nature of the party. Under all that makeup and brylcreem are a couple of haggard, sleep-deprived people. (But thank you anyway!) :-)

7:12 PM, May 12, 2007  

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