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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Back from NYC

...and recovering today. Here are the highlights, for the perfume-minded:

Snapped up the last two bottles of Gobin Daudé Jardins Ottomans on sale at Takashimaya for $19.00 apiece. This is a scent I paid some $125.00 for in Paris in 2003. Left Takashimaya glowing with pride.

In honor of the immensely talented Olivia Giacobetti, I picked up a bottle of Andrée Putman Préparation Parfumée and a bottle of the new l'Artisan Parfumeur scent Extrait de Songe. Both fragrances were designed by Giacobetti. With an air of superiority I communicated my finds to my friend Monica, who lives in Hoboken and met me for lunch on Monday. She promptly burst my bubble by barking, "Extrait de Singe? Monkey extract??" For the rest of my life I will think of this scent as Extrait de Singe. Thanks Monica.

During a final trip to Barney's I ran through the Keiko Mecheri line again, where I rediscovered Paname, a delicious and haunting absinthey-chocolatey scent that smells like a less complex but more wearable (for me anyway) version of Serge Lutens' Douce Amère.

Come to think of it, the following are, in my humble opinion, Keiko Mecheri knockoffs of Serge Lutens scents:

  • Paname = Douce Amère
  • Genie des Bois = Bois de Violette
  • Loukhoum = Rahät Loukoum

The irony is that I strongly prefer the KMs to the SLs, except for Bois de Violette which beats the pants off Genie des Bois with its shrieking cedar note.

My last great find was a sale bottle of Catherine Memmi Iris room spray, which smells just like the iris note in Guerlain Après l'Ondée. Cool, powdery, loamy, and spicy, with a lipstick accord in there. Love it. Found it for half price at Bigelow. Unfortunately I couldn't test Prada Iris or any of the new scents at Aedes de Venustas because both shops were closed for Memorial Day. Monica and I sat in the park and watched the little dogs run around instead, a perfectly acceptable substitute.

Back to acquisitions: I also ended up with $1800.00 in Armani ties, FREE! One of my former students, Jill, lives in Manhattan and works for Armani. Shoes and accessories. She gets these ties for free and has to give them away in handfuls. I brought 15 home. Greg grabbed 9, so I'm sending the remaining 6 to my narcissistic dandy of a brother, who will pee his Brooks Brothers pants when he sees what's in the package.

Since the only people who will find this post even remotely interesting are wayward perfume hags like me from (my former hangout), I will also share the deets of my Saturday evening. Greg and I got to meet MUA's own cjblue and her husband. We went out for dinner at a Mexican place and had a great time listening to their stories about working together on a fishing boat in Alaska and at a casino in Vegas.

In case you're wondering, Ruth is beautiful and vibrant, in lush contrast to my sharp and severe countenance. I'm only 35 and already I look like somebody's rich, forbidding, and frigid old aunt. I used to think (hope) that when people stared at me it was because they thought I was attractive but now I realize that it's because they're trying to figure out if I'm in drag. It's kind of a fun position to be in, actually, sort of like being in a fat suit. A social experiment, if you will. The irony is that I've lived with this for my entire life. People thought I was a boy when I was little, and even in my 20s they mistook me for a man.

The fact that I love Monty Python does nothing to reassure people that I'm female. We really enjoyed Spamalot, by the way.

Now that I'm slowly edging toward menopause I'm thinking I might just give in to the natural sex change that already seems to be occurring (I've got three dark whiskers on my chin that I have to tweeze every few weeks) so I can take full advantage of the benefits of manhood in American society. Money, respect, comfortable shoes--really, I can't wait.

I hope Greg's okay with it.


Blogger mreenymo said...

Woman, you are too, too funny. And guess what? I am looking at the photo of us from Santa Monica in March, and there is absolutely no way on this good earth that you should ever even think that you look like oe resemble a man. You look like a gorgeous high-fashion model, so there! I mean, Greg seems like an open-minded, easy-going man, but I don't think he would go for that! :):)

You made out like a bandit on the Gobin-Daude. Now I know that it's way over-priced! LOL!

Be good!

1:56 PM, May 31, 2005  
Blogger AngelaCh1 said...


You are stunning, K. Just stunning.

2:21 PM, May 31, 2005  
Blogger WinterWheat said...

Worshipful bows of thanks to both of you -- gorgeous swanlike Robin and looks-10-years-younger-than-she-is Angela with that curtain of silk for hair. I guess it's easier to reassure people that they look good when you're so beautiful yourself. :-)

2:41 PM, May 31, 2005  
Blogger NowSmellThis said...

OMG. Gobin Daude for $19??? You know most of us fainted after that one. Guessing there was no Sous Le Buis or Seve Exquise left? Please?


KM Fleur d'Osmanthus = SL Datura Noir

6:01 PM, May 31, 2005  
Blogger mireille said...

and of course you're feminine. don't be ridiculous. and here's my KM=SL list:
Damascena = Sa Majeste
Mogadore = Rose de Nuit
Loukhoum = Loukhoum
Fleurs d’Osmanthus = Datura Noir
Genie des Bois = Bois de Violette
Bois de Santal = Santal Blanc
Jasmine = A la Nuit
Musc = Clair de Musc

oh, and I join NST is begging you to please tell us there wasn't any Seve Exquise. Please.
Paname = Douce Amere
Sanguine = Fleur d'Oranger
White Petals = Un Lys
A Fleur de Peau = Cuir Mauresque
Myrrhe et Merveilles = La Myrrhe
Oliban = Chergui

6:30 PM, May 31, 2005  
Blogger WinterWheat said...

Relax y'all, there was no Seve Exquise, just a lonely box of Sous le Buis. (Listening Robin? It may still be there. Call, call, call!)

8:12 PM, May 31, 2005  
Blogger mreenymo said...

Oops! By now I'm probably a day late and dollar short on that, babe. It'll have to wait 'til manana, because I just picked up your message. :):)

Bet the shipping costs almost as much as the fragrance! LOL!

Thanks for thinking about me. :)

10:09 PM, May 31, 2005  
Anonymous halyna said...

Hello beautiful Kris,

There you are!!! How gorgeous; to me you look like a very young Susan Sarandon - she of ageless beauty fame!!! And totally hot in all her movies (well, except for that one where she played a nun, of course!).

Wow, what a great time you had; I miss NYC and Chicago, for that matter, and how nice to meet up with a fellow MUAer.

OK, now Robin and I can take turns kicking each other for paying full price for our Sous Le Buis at Palmetto! [Robin, are you listening??]

It is so nice to find you; you are missed on MUA, by the way!

Take care,


P.S. What exactly is a "blog?" Please keep in mind that my college word processing unit was a Smith Corona electric typewriter!

10:55 AM, June 01, 2005  
Blogger WinterWheat said...

You're too cute, Halyna. Blog is 'blog is weblog, a web-based diary. You can get your own for free at and other blog sites.

You're all very kind. I hope you don't think I was fishing for compliments. I don't mind my height and build; it's my face that depresses me. It's long and skinny, and now it's looking older than it actually is. Also, Graves' Disease has made my eyes puffy, so I have this weird combo of boniness and puffiness. Don't worry, I'll survive. I've just been in a pouty mood. :-)

12:12 PM, June 01, 2005  
Blogger Atreau said...

Hey fellow Graves babe!

I wish I had more boniness and less puffiness! Sounds like you had a blast and great deal on the juice! I want to meet Ruth, I bet you two had a blast! Two radiant ladies were more than enought light there!

I seriously look like a man if I comb my hair a certain way!

5:58 PM, June 01, 2005  
Blogger Kyahgirl said...

OMG-I thought I got a good deal on Seve Exquise when I was there in April. $79.
You're da bomb!
I'm so glad I found you. Micki sent your URL. You are so funny uncensored!
One thing missing off the 'script' list is the one thing that always irks me. How can you expect me to believe that people have wild abandoned sex and then wake up with underwear and nighties on?
I know that some people sleep with doggies snuggled between them so clothes are a necessity but can this be true for everyone?


5:28 PM, June 02, 2005  
Blogger WinterWheat said...

ROFL! Laura, you slay me.

8:21 PM, June 02, 2005  

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