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Friday, October 14, 2005

Squeal!! My First Tagging!

I've been tagged by that gorgeous redhead Crazy Jay Blue! My job is to list 20 random facts about myself, then tag 5 other bloggers.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. I was conceived on New Year's Eve. My mom says she remembers the blue terrycloth minidress she wore (1968).

2. As a tiny child I looked like a boy so my parents had me wear a teensy gold bangle bracelet so people would realize I was actually a small drag queen.

3. I've never tried cocaine.

4. I've had my share of childhood injuries: one broken toe, two broken wrists, one concussion, one severed fingertip.

5. My parents took me to see Pink Floyd's The Wall in the theater in 1982. (I was 12.)

6. The one secret I will never tell anyone is the one-syllable mantra I was given by the guy who taught my whole family how to practice transcendental meditation. He gave each of us a mantra and told us never to tell anyone what it was, so I haven't.

7. My confirmation saint is Jeanne d'Arc. (I like Jeanne better than Joan. Goes better with my middle name, Suzanne.)

8. I'm afraid of geese.

9. I'm not a picky eater; there's no food I will not try. (But having tried them, I can say with conviction that I do not like beets or hard-boiled egg yolks.)

10. As a child my favorite book was The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf.

11. I met my husband in a bar. I was out with an acquaintance who saw him through the window and said, "Oh my god, we have to go in there. You have to meet this guy. He thinks he's so great. I know he'll fall for you. I can't wait to see you blow him off." She didn't respond to our wedding invitation, but her mother made the groom's cake.

12. For one glorious year when I was growing up we had a horse named Shamaran. He was 3/4 Arabian, 1/4 Shetland. I rode western.

13. The first record I bought with my own money was Supertramp's Breakfast Over America.

14. My biggest pet peeve is audible gum chewing.

15. I won the school spelling bee in 7th grade.

16. In my senior year of high school I was captain of the cheerleading squad and homecoming queen. The captain of the football team took me to the prom. I know, gag. (We were just friends. I had to ask him. Nobody was interested in me because I was 6' tall and flat-chested.)

17. My childhood bully was named Holly Hussey. And nobody but me thought to tease her about it.

18. On a hot day I love chilled white wine and tequila, though not together.

19. I once worked as a ride operator at a renaissance fair(e). I had to dress in pants because billowing skirts would have snagged on the ride. I was constantly mistaken for a man. I was 21. (See the last sentence of #16.)

20. I once left a granny smith apple on the steps of #3 Savile Row in London. Beatles fans will understand.

I appear to be one of the last of my blogging circle to be tagged, so give me a few days to round up some folks who haven't been tagged yet. This is fun!


Blogger AngelaCh1 said...


#1: I'm pretty certain that both my brother and I were conceived on Valentine's Day... #9: But Cowgirl loves hard-boiled egg yolks, no?... I love #11!!


10:55 AM, October 15, 2005  
Blogger ParisLondres said...

Great list K! :))

11:55 AM, October 15, 2005  
Blogger cjblue said...

*popping gum* This is the best random 20 facts yet.

7:12 AM, October 16, 2005  
Blogger mreenymo said...

This Beatles fan does understand...


12:26 PM, October 17, 2005  
Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Laughing at #6 K. I was initiated into TM too as a teenager. I don't practice it but never shared the mantra either. They'll have to kill me if I do.

Great list :-)

5:21 PM, October 18, 2005  
Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Nice to get to know you better...I wouldn't worry about #16 if you were the leader of the cheerleaders squad and Homecomming Queen. Good luck

9:49 AM, October 20, 2005  
Blogger Bela said...

Great fun list, K! Love #2!!!! LOL!

8:53 PM, October 20, 2005  
Blogger katiedid said...

I sypathize with your #8. Geese are nasty beasties. And they bite!

4:04 PM, October 23, 2005  

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